New Clubrooms Project

The Council have now finalised all the paperwork and have voted unanimously to officially approve the Stadium. Congratulations to Big River Developments who have been announced as the builder.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

The site is off limits to the public. Please keep the dirt road leading up to the Stadium site clear, so that workers have access for their vehicles and equipment. Thank you.

Glassey Park 1st July 2016 008

Friday 1/7/16-The irrigation pipework being diverted around the site.

Glassey Park 27.07.2016 033Glassey Park 27.07.2016 027

Wednesday 27/7/16-The underground irrigation was removed and the earthworks began.

Glassey Park 4.8.2016 023

Thursday 04/08/2016-The fencing was put up around the building site.

Glassey Park-turning of the turf 17.8.2016 001

Wednesday 17/08/2016-The official “Turning of the Turf” ceremony was held.

Glassey Park 27.08.2016 018

Saturday 27/08/2016-The builder is now working on site.

Glassey Park 3.09.2016 009Glassey Park 3.09.2016 014

Saturday 03/09/2016-The dirt pad is now under construction.


Saturday 29/10/2016-The rubble is added to the pad.


Saturday 5/11/2016-The materials have arrived to start the footings.


December ’16/ January 2017-The underground works and outside footings are now completed.


Friday 17/2/17-JMA have been busy welding up the framework. One of their cranes was on site today. The building will start to take shape over the next two months.


Friday 10/3/2017-Aerial view of the building site. The footings have been dug in the middle of the pad for the toilets, showers, canteens, meeting/training rooms etc. (Photo-Grant Schwartzkopff)
20170324_110855 (2)
Friday 24/3/2017-Up goes the framework!!

20170328_091004 (2)

Tuesday 28/03/2017-The concrete walls are added.


Wednesday 12/04/2017-The Foam Training Pit has been dug. It is 1.8m deep, as wide as the uneven bars (and wider at the end for vault and other apparatus landings) and 26m long. It’s 2m longer than our current clubrooms!!

Berri Stadium p3

Saturday 22/04/2017-This is our section of the Stadium. The fenced area around the pit is roughly the size of our current gym hall. There is one more bay to be put on the end plus the store room which is about 4x the size we have now. The concrete section is for our canteen, foyer/café area, kitchen, club shop, training/coaches rooms plus public toilets and showers.
20170521_133555 (2)

Sunday 21/05/2017-Now we can start to see the size of our new building. The concrete fire wall is now in place, between the middle of the two stadiums. Our foam training pit has also been concreted and the dirt road is now blocked off for works outside. Cross bars etc are now being added to the frame work and safety railing on the roof, ready for the colour bond and insulation to be added.



Thursday 1/06/2017-The concrete in the foam pit has now set and the stadium roof is going on.

Friday 14/07/2017-Air-conditioning, insulation and stadium seating are now being installed.


20170723_110224 Friday 28/7/2017-The colour bond walls are looking great! All the framework for the outside entrances, toilets and storeroom are now up and all the concreting has been completed inside.



Thursday 19th October-What a fantastic view from the top of the stadium seating!!                  Can’t wait to watch all our gymnastics competitions, events and displays.


Tuesday 24th October-All hands on deck! Over 30 vehicles on site today as Stage 3 of the build goes into overdrive. Trades are now busy fitting out the toilets, showers, kitchen, canteen, flooring, pathways, exit doors etc, etc.

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