2015 Berri Gymnastics Competition

Bdyc logo jpegThe “Berri Gymnastics Competition” is designed to help members gain confidence and valuable competition experience in familiar surroundings. All members are encouraged to enter (including first year gymnasts) with the emphasis on fun and participation. All competitors will receive a participation certificate and ribbons will be awarded for 1st to 6th place.

N.B: Gymnasts need to be fully financial to be eligible to compete.

Competition Times (same as your normal training session)

Opals/Emeralds– Wednesday 17th June- 4.15-5.15pm (Soft vault, Mini-tramp, Tumbling)

Sapphires “A”- Tuesday 16th June- 4.45-5.45pm (Vault, Mini-tramp, Tumbling and Beam)

Sapphires “B”– Wednesday 17th June- 5.30-6.30pm (Vault, Mini-tramp, Tumbling and Beam)

Diamonds “A”– Tuesday 16th June- 6.00-7.00pm (Vault, Mini-tramp, Tumbling and Beam/Uneven Bars)

Diamonds “B” –Thursday 18th June- 4.45-5.45pm (Vault, Mini-tramp, Tumbling and Beam/Uneven Bars)

Rubies/Silvers-Thursday 18th June- 6.00-7.00pm (Vault, Mini-tramp, Tumbling and Beam/Parallel Bars/Uneven Bars)

(Note- Compulsory-Vault, Mini-tramp & Tumbling- Optional-Beam/Parallel Bars/Uneven Bars)

Program (for each session)

15mins-Sign in/Warm Up

5 mins-March on and Welcome

30-40 mins-Gymnasts Compete

5 mins-Presentations

WearClub uniform or Red T-shirt and Navy shorts/leggings.

(Remember-Gym shorts go over the top of your leotard and tracksuits are to be worn for warm-ups only)

Cost-Competing Gymnasts $5 each (to be paid on the night).

-Spectators gold coin donation with seating available in the main hall.

Club CanteenWill be open for drinks and snacks.

Competition Rules (as per Gym SA policy)

  • Cameras and Camcorders can be used but flashes and lighting are not permitted during the competition.
  • Mobile phones are to be on “silent mode” or turned off.
  • Parents are not permitted on the competition floor or to approach the judges or the score table.

Gym SA asks that all parents focus on their child’s efforts and performance rather than winning or losing and set a good example by respecting the judge’s decision.

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