Waiting List Update for 2019 Season

We have been able to fill over 250 more gymnast places for 2019 so far, with some people still to get back to us! We have finally finished our phone calls and would like to know if anyone who believes they were on the waiting list BEFORE DECEMBER 18, have been missed in this process. If you were missed please contact the club via private Facebook message and we will direct you to one of the 5 people who have been offering places.

If you put your name on the waiting list after December 18, once all people have responded, we will call the next person on the waiting list.

If you would like to put your name on the waiting list please go to our website and fill in the online form: https://bdyc.gymnastics.org.au/waiting-list/

Opals (2013/2014) is full!

We have some places left in:

Emeralds (2012)

Sapphires (2010/2011)

Diamonds (2008/2009)

Rubies (2006/2007)

Silvers (2001-2005)

For all other classes please contact the club preferably via Facebook messenger or email if you are interested in joining. You can also phone Amanda Rodden on 0418 686 437.

A massive thank you to all our current and new coaches who have been committed to taking on extra training in 2018 & 2019 to allow us to offer these extra places. A huge thank you to those on our committee who have helped make this huge task run smoothly!

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