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We have had a few people ask about our fee increase next year, so here are just a few quick reasons why we have found it necessary:
We have tried to keep our fees down to a minimum over the years, but unfortunately there comes a time when things need to change, and with moving into to this new, fantastic, much more improved facility obviously comes with much higher costs. We made the decision not to increase this year’s fees too much until we had seen what our expenses would be. Just the electricity account alone has over doubled.
We have fully qualified coaches, and as our club grows, we need more and more coaches who need ongoing training, which the club obviously pays for.
As from next year we will be paying our coaches a small amount to help us retain the coaches that we have invested so much time and training in. All our coaches have been volunteering their time, and some do over 9 hours a week of just coaching, plus all the extra things that come along with that. Some even travel from Waikerie!!
Next year we will have more structured programmes/classes as our Head Coach will be at the gym 5 days a week to plan and coach every class (now that is dedication!!)
We pay a cleaner to clean the cafeteria floor twice a week, window cleaner to do the front windows, and too many more overheads to list.
Our fees are still significantly cheaper than clubs in Adelaide, who don’t have anywhere near the facilities that we have.
We still have a lot of flooring and matting to purchase, so we can try to eliminate the bare concrete, which we have been trying to win grants for.
We feel, compared to a lot of other sports/dance fees, we are still quite reasonably priced, and hope you all understand why the increase has been necessary.
Tammy Thomson

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