Welcome to the beginning of term 2. We hope you all have had a fantastic holiday and are ready for our next exciting term.
Just a couple of notes that not everyone would be aware of as we are in our new building and weren’t
relevant previously;
– We now have a ‘Kiss and Drop’ zone and would appreciate people not parking there are this creates a traffic hazard for other cars and may endanger our gymnasts.
– The parking spaces that are directly opposite the gymnastics side of the building is designated for coaches only, we would appreciate if they could be kept available for this purpose. Signage will be put up when funds are available.
– There is no smoking within a 10 metre radius of the building, if you need to smoke please do so outside of that boundary.
– As our cleaners are volunteers, they would appreciate that no food be eaten and only water to be drunk in the grandstand area, we have a fantastic cafe’ area that would loved to be used for this purpose.
– Our canteen will be open during our classes so please come and explore what we have to offer, maybe you might be inspired to help Tammy and her team in serving.
– Our club shop will be open during all class times, we will be receiving new stock hopefully this term so please keep your eye out on Facebook and we’ll let you know when they are in.

Thank you to all our gymnastic families for being patient and understanding with us as we all go through a settling in period in our new gymnasium and for the feedback that has been given, your viewpoints are welcome and heard.

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