Berri District Youth Club are very excited to introduce to you all our new club trading name:

Riverland Gymnastics Academy

Along with a new logo, we also have a new website with club information and a login area for members where invoices, events and classes can be accessed. Please view our new website at

You will see changes to our social media pages over the coming week as the name changes over and there will be a media release in Friday’s Murray Pioneer.

The Committee and some very dedicated members have been working tirelessly over the past 12 months to bring our club into a new era. As you would have noticed by now that our new facility has raised the bar for what our club can achieve, we have introduced new classes, a new fee structure, accredited more coaches. We would like to take this opportunity to thank some very amazing people who have helped us achieve these feats:

  • Penny Gill for an amazing job done working and creating our new logo
  • Cheryl Burgemeister and Darren Piltz for all their hours of hard work and research creating our new website
  • Tammy Thomson for the countless hours you have and continue to put into our new accounting system
  • Amanda Rodden and our Fantastic Committee for the ideas and dedication you all have put in to expand our club to where it is today
  • To all our members for your support and feedback and enthusiasm you have shown through this whole process, without you all we could not have achieved this.

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