2019 Session Times

Please note the change in process for assigning classes for 2019.

This year we are not placing gymnasts in classes and providing the information in gift bags at presentation night. This is to avoid trying to swap gymnasts into different classes if the classes do not suit.

Instead here is how placing of gymnasts will occur for 2019 Classes:

Current Members ONLY

SIGN UP ON PRESENTATION NIGHT to secure your class times.

27th November 4:45-5:30pm (and after presentations).

Only available to current FINANCIAL members.

Sign up sheets will be also be available at subsequent trainings if you are unable to attend presentation night.

Please note we have added extra classes in some age groups to cater for our waiting list.

We will not accept requests before presentation night.

Classes will be open to children on the waiting list from Sunday the 16th of December.

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